Top Reasons You Should Read the Whole Bible This Year

January 1, 2015 — 2 Comments

Nothing builds your faith like reading Scripture.  Nothing!  So why not commit to read the Bible all the way through this year.  Today is the perfect time to start.

Read The Bible In A Year

Read The Bible In A Year

For years I have encouraged people to read the Bible thru each year.  I have known hundreds who have.  I have known no one who regretted doing so.  Reading God’s Word is powerful.

Consider these reasons why you should read the Bible all the way through in 2015…

Reading the Bible in a year…

  1. Opens your soul to hear from God.  When you read God’s Word, God is speaking to you.  So much of what you study will apply to your life and to specific realities that you are experiencing.
  2. Gives you a view of the greatness of God.  The Scriptures are all about God.  Immersing in God’s Word gives you a front row seat to the greatest works of God in human history.  It is hard to not be awestruck with God’s grandeur.
  3. Provides for your life the world’s greatest mentors.  From Abraham, Moses, Samuel, David, to Peter, John, and Paul, you will read of the lives of real people who lived for God.  You will learn from their faith, courage, and yes, even from their failures.
  4. Immerses you in the full council of God.  When you read the whole Bible, you get a comprehensive sense of what God has revealed to men and women through the ages.  You are studying the revealed will of the Lord.
  5. Gives you a keen awareness about how the Lord works in the world.  How does God interact with people, with nations?  After this year of reading you will not view the nightly news the same.
  6. Empowers you to avoid the deception of sin.  Psalm 119:11 says, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”  God’s Word will help you more effectively identify temptations and see the dangers of sin.
  7. Encourages you when you are down.  Experiencing the promises and assurances of God on a daily basis can give you the encouraging perspective you need to make it through discouraging times.
  8. Comforts you when you are hurt.  This coming year will include times of pain.  The Lord wants to remind you of his care.
  9. Convicts you when you are in sin.  The Word of God will reveal and confront your sin, as well as  your tendency to rationalize it.  If you are daily in the Scriptures, you will continuously be confronted with God’s standards of righteousness.
  10. Etcetera, etcetera!!  There are so many more reasons  that this blog could turn into a book.  The simple truth is, you should seriously consider reading the Bible thru this year.

So how do you get started?

There are all kinds of ways you can read the Bible thru in a year.  You can use plans you will find on a You Version phone app.  But my favorite is reading thru The One Year Bible™.  This is a Bible that is divided into 365 daily readings.  In the course of a year, you will read the entire Old and New Testaments as well as read through the Psalms twice.  Each day you read a portion of the Old Testament, a portion of the New, as well as passages from the Psalms and the book of Proverbs.  You can find this Bible at your Christian book store or purchase online.

I would love to support you on your journey!

Several years ago I set up a website designed to be a continuous encouragement to those of you who want to read thru the Scriptures.  The site is  Here I tell you how you can read through the Bible.  But as a bonus, I provide you 365 days of brief radio style programs of me teaching you lessons from the passages you are reading.  I walk through the entire year with you, helping you go deeper into God’s Word each day.

I hope you will consider reading thru the Scriptures this year.

Why not start today, the first day of 2015?

Question:  Are you planning to read the Bible through this year?  Let us know and tell us what you hope to experience along the way.  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Greg Faulls


2 responses to Top Reasons You Should Read the Whole Bible This Year

  1. I started yesterday reading for 30 minutes, suggested by Joyce Meyer. I have no plan yet. I just have a hunger for more of God. I attended church with my son Bret Maynard and appreciated the message by Dr Greg Faulls. I have probably read the whole Bible, but I need more of God’s word. I work with children and pray that this joy of my life will somehow help them become even closer to God.

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