Billy Graham’s Grandson Taught Me Something Today

October 1, 2014 — 8 Comments

Today I had the privilege of eating lunch with Billy Graham’s grandson, Evangelist Will Graham.

Having Lunch with Will Graham

Having Lunch with Will Graham

For the past 2 ½ years a large group of pastors and laypersons from our city have been planning a Will Graham Evangelistic Event for our region.  In April of this next year Will Graham, in partnership with our churches, will be conducting a multi-day event to saturate our city with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Today was our launch event and by divine providence my staff and I had the blessing of eating lunch at Will Graham’s table.  I deeply enjoyed getting to know this man and learn of his ministry.

I opened the conversation by expressing my appreciation for the way his father, Franklin Graham, handled the care of Dr. Kent Brantly, the famed ebola virus survivor so prominent in the media these days.  Without the efforts of Graham and the Samaritan’s Purse ministry Dr. Brantly would not have received the life saving care that he desperately needed.  Franklin and his staff worked round the clock to make the needed negotiations for Brantly’s careful return to the states.  Will was quick to tell me that it was the efforts of President Obama to expedite the process of Brantly’s return to the states that really made the difference.

There are many lessons that could be drawn from today’s event and my meeting of Will Graham.  But there was one that stood out most for me.

Will reminded us of what Jesus said in Matthew 9:37, “The harvest truly is plentiful.” (NKJV)  Jesus was referring to the people who need the Lord and are ready to receive Christ as the Lord and Savior of their lives.

He told us that we would all strive to share the gospel in April when the Graham Evangelistic Event would be conducted.  But then he very seriously reminded us of an important truth.

The harvest is ready now!  He said, don’t wait for the evangelistic event to start sharing Jesus with those around you.  There are people in our families, among our friends, and folks in our community that are ready to hear and respond to Christ now.

He reminded us that God is always at work in the lives of people around us readying them to hear the good news of Jesus.

But so many times we shrink back from sharing the gospel with them.  We say, “our relationship with them is not strong enough for me to broach a spiritual subject.”  Or “I don’t think they are ready for this yet.”  But who are we to judge that?

We need to take Jesus at his word and know that many souls around us are ready to be harvested for the Kingdom.  All we must do is share the message of Christ with them so that they too can respond to the good news of salvation.

Jesus came to bring people from all walks of life into a redeemed and glorious relationship with God the Father.  We who sinned against God were deserving of death and hell, but God in his great mercy sent his perfect, sinless Son, to bear our sins on the cross.  Because of this we can place our faith in Christ, surrender to him as Lord, and know that our sins are forgiven and that in him we have eternal life.

This is a message that people need to hear now.  Not later, but now.  God has prepared a harvest to be gathered all around us, a harvest of people ready to be brought to the Lord through faith in Christ.

So this week when a door of opportunity to discuss spiritual matters and share the gospel affords itself, walk through that passage way, open your mouth, and share the good news of Jesus.  Sure, not everyone will respond in faith right away.  But you might be surprised how many people will be ready for the message and open to giving their lives to Jesus Christ.

Question:  Many of us shrink back from sharing our faith in Jesus.  Why do you think that is and what can we do to overcome those barriers to our personal sharing of the good news of Jesus?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Greg Faulls


8 responses to Billy Graham’s Grandson Taught Me Something Today

  1. For me , if I have my eyes and focus on me and what’s happening in my life, I am not availing myself to the Lord nor prepared to seize the opportunities that God provides.
    However, this is what happened when my heart is for others! I just returned from a 6 day adventure to Brooklyn and New York City. My prayers preparing for this trip were, ” Please allow people who need to hear the truth be be placed around me. And help me to be bold!”
    There were 3 deeply Spiritual conversations that occurred! Jason, Jim, and Mike will all continue to be in my prayers! Jim and Mike were the ones who opened the doors to speak of their faith. My question to each one was, “Do you know how greatly loved you are from GOD?” I was allowed to share the GOOD NEWS! I was able to share my testimony with Mike! I spoke of prayer with each of them! I challenged them to speak directly to God and ask him to reveal himself to them! I told them that by seeking him and seeing how God speaks back to them, I call these kissed from Heaven, they too will come to be assured of His love for them!
    So I know if I avail myself to the Lord and ask for him to allow those who need to hear of him love to come in contact with me it will happen! May God be glorified by others hearing of his deep and saving love and grace.

  2. We have come full circle. I remember in the late 60’s when the SBC began to emphasize the need to develop a relationship or meet a person’s needs before we presented the gospel. Will is right on. We MUST change our mentality if we still hold to old methods while the the lost are still lost.

    • Great word Nancy. Of course, building relationships are important. We should be doing that anyway. But it is not like we always need to wait until we are best friends before broaching spiritual conversations.

  3. Glenita Roberts October 1, 2014 at 9:53 am

    Often fear of rejection is a major cause for people to shrink back from sharing their faith. One of the best ways to over-come those barriers is by simply just share your faith. The more you attempt it and do it, the easier it will become.

  4. Brother Greg I think we are afraid of rejection or that we may lose a friend. I know it’s silly to feel that way. I mean if my friend was backing up towards a cliff that would lead to a fall that would surely end their life I would warn them or grab them. So Do you think self doubt could play a factor here? I’m in a business where dealing with the public is in the job description and I’ve had more meaningful discussions of faith and fellowship than with any member of my family. That’s sad and something I plan on addressing.

    • Indeed the fear of rejection is the strongest emotion that often paralyzes us. All of us have that fear run through our mind. They key is choosing to have the faith that God will be with us when we share spiritual conversations that lead to the gospel.

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