Work On Yourself More Than Your Job

July 8, 2014 — 2 Comments

I heard someone once say, “Work on yourself more than your job.”  The statement intrigued me.  At first the statement sounds all wrong, but it is good advice.

Work On Yourself

Work On Yourself

You have probably heard the wise saying, “Work smart, not hard.”  There are times when we don’t seem to be getting where we want to go in life so we just try harder.  Unfortunately, often that only leaves us further behind.  Why?

Because sometimes doing more of the same doesn’t get us where we want or feel called to go.  Those are times when we need to change our strategy.

What is it that God has put on your heart to do or become?  Is it to…

  1. Get promoted in your business?
  2. Make your company more profitable?
  3. Become a more loving spouse?
  4. Become a more attentive parent?
  5. Develop the ability to influence others spiritually?
  6. Overcome a troublesome habit or addiction?
  7. Breakthrough the bondage of past hurts and hang-ups?

What does it take to accomplish these things?  You have to work on yourself.  You have to become a better business person, learn what it takes to advance in your market, discover new ways you can love your spouse or kids, carve out more time for your relationship with God, or get wise counsel and accountability to overcome hurts from your past.

When I counsel people, I often ask if they have ever flown on an airplane.  On most occasions they have said that they have.  I remind them of the safety instructions the Flight Attendant gives at the beginning of the flight.  In those instructions they always tell you, in the event cabin pressure is lost, oxygen masks will drop from the cabinet above.  Then they give you instructions that seem counter intuitive.

They say, if there is someone next to you that has need of assistance, first put on your mask, then help them put on theirs.  But we say, what if that person beside me is my child, or spouse?  Wouldn’t I want to take care of them first?


Why?  Because how can you help them if you do not have the oxygen you need?  If you pass out, how can you be any good to them?

If you want to serve others in your business better than you have, you will need to work on your skills, knowledge, and strategies so you can become more valuable to them.

If you want to learn how to love your spouse and kids better, you are going to have to work on those things in your life that distract you from making the loving investment you want to make.

If you are going to be a healthy example to others, you are going to need to get honest and get help to deal with those hurts and addictions that haunt your life at every step.

Jesus said it best when he said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:39)  How can you love your neighbor in a generous way if you don’t know how to love yourself as God loves you?  We can only give to others what we have ourselves.

Do you want to go to the next level spiritually, relationally, or vocationally?  Then start working on yourself.  You will improve and so will your impact.

Question:  So what kind of investment do you need to make in yourself so that you can contribute more to the lives of others?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Greg Faulls


2 responses to Work On Yourself More Than Your Job

  1. Thanks for this message Greg. It’s exactly what I need to focus on.

    God Bless,

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