Let Me Help You Reach Your Friends For Christ

March 26, 2014 — Leave a comment

Have you ever wanted to help a friend discover Jesus?  Have you desired to encourage fellow believers in their walk with God?  It is not as hard as you might imagine.

FREE E-book

FREE E-book

You can start a “Dust to Destiny Group.”  Often, the best way for a Christian to grow in their faith is to study and talk about their commitment to Christ with others.  Likewise, a very effective way to lead someone to Jesus is in a group of believers who are joined together to talk about the things of God.

That is why I wrote the book, From Dust to Destiny.  I wanted to provide you a tool for helping your friends and loved ones discover the Lord and grow in a personal relationship with him.  I wanted to help you have natural conversations with others about the most important spiritual realities that will impact our lives.

From Dust to Destiny is a short, 100 page, e-book designed to help anyone discover their destiny in God’s plan.  The book is FREE and quick to download (click here).  It is an easy read and has just four chapters.  It also has a 4-week study guide in the back that helps you with your group.

So you have friends in need of a spiritual boost.  They need to get their lives re-calibrated about a vital, life-giving personal relationship with God.  And perhaps you have a friend who has yet to receive Christ into their life.  Start an easy 4-week “Dust to Destiny Group” where you and those you invite, read the e-book and discuss what they are reading.

Imagine you and 2 or more invited friends sitting around a table at a coffee shop, the break room, or one of your homes, discussing the claims of Christ and the things of God.  Just think of how God could use that to encourage your friends and perhaps lead someone to accept Jesus into their life.  Believe it or not, you could make such an experience happen.  It is simple!

Here are a few simple steps to getting such a group started…

  1. Invite a small group of your friends (it could even simply be you and one other person) interested in joining you for a study that speaks of God’s plan for our lives.  These people could be fellow believers, but I also encourage you to invite someone who has yet to accept Christ but who would be interested in learning more about the Lord.
  2. Instruct those you invite to go to www.prevailinglife.com to register on the site and download their FREE copy of From Dust to Destiny.
  3. Arrange for a time and place to meet.  Plan on having 4 sessions for the group.  This could be done over four weeks.  You could meet in a restaurant, coffee shop, break room, or home.
  4. Prior to each session have the group read the chapter to be discussed that week.
  5. Follow the Study Guide at the back of the book to lead your discussion sessions.
  6. Pray for God to work powerfully in your life and in the lives of everyone in your group.  Be confident that God will work.

It will be amazing to see how God will use you as you facilitate this book study.  Write to me and let me know how God worked in the lives of those you invite. (Contact Me)  I’d love to hear about it.

Question:  Have you read any part of From Dust to Destiny, what truths challenged you the most and how would your friends benefit from this resource?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Greg Faulls


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