It Is Time For Spiritual Parenting

March 7, 2014 — 5 Comments

It was on a cold winter’s day, in the privacy of my home study and I was complaining to God about my daughter’s stunted spiritual development.

Spiritual Parenting

Spiritual Parenting

“Lord,” I cried.  “Before her baptism three months ago, every day she seemed more curious about you.  She had a spiritual hunger, an incessant interest in the things of God.  But now, O’ Lord, she just seems stuck.  The curiosity has subsided; the desire to learn new spiritual things has waned.  Please do something in her life, send someone to help her move further along on her spiritual journey with you.”

It was then that it hit me, as if God had wacked me on the crown and woke me from my stupor.  I didn’t hear an audible voice, but the impression the Lord gave me was clear.  I sensed him ask me a question.

Without doubt, I was certain he was speaking to my spirit.  He was asking, “Greg, who did I establish as spiritual leader of your home?  Who will I ultimately hold responsible for the spiritual guidance your children receive?”

I responded, “Me, Lord.”

It was in that moment that my prayer changed.  I now could see God had already, long before, answered my original appeal to him.  He had sent my daughter someone who was given the task of shepherding her soul God-ward, someone who would inspire her with his example and instruct her with his testimony.

I was that person, the answer to my own prayer.

Do you have children?  If you do, it is the same for you.  God has already placed you in the life of your child to lead them spiritually.

You are the chosen one to introduce them to the God who gives them a redeemed identity and sets them on a course to fulfill their divinely given mission.  The task of leaving a spiritual legacy has been given to you.

And let’s be clear on what is at stake.  If you don’t lead your child, someone else will.  You might not like where they lead them.  If you do not lead them to discover the Lord’s ways, the culture will gladly help them define their identity by the perspective of this fallen world.

In fact, they will gladly shape the identity of your child for as shallow a reason as to obligate them to their company’s product brand.  If you don’t help them set their sails in the direction of the God-ward seas, they will most certainly sink deep in the lonely bay of godless sin. (Tweet That)

The spiritual direction of the next generations will be largely influenced, positively or negatively, by the choices you make with your spiritual leadership at home.  How you lead will profoundly shape your family tree for generations to come.

Parents!  We build homes, careers, and organizations that advance causes.  We build portfolios, construct companies, develop cities, and erect monuments.  But are we building a generation to follow us?  Are we leaving a legacy that will empower our sons and daughters to rise up and shape the next century for the glory of God?

Are we growing in our relationship with God ourselves and sharing that growing faith with our children?  The need for spiritual parenting has never been greater.  Won’t you devote yourself to this God-given task?

Question:  What will you do, starting now, to begin sharing your faith in God with your kids?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Greg Faulls


5 responses to It Is Time For Spiritual Parenting

  1. Excellent word!

    • Thanks! Since you are my wife and the mother of my children, let just acknowledge that you are a great partner in rearing our children spiritually. Love you!

  2. Great message and it really reflects on society today. For to long people felt as long as my children get saved they will be alright.

    But a one time Salvation commitment is not what Christ wants for them, or us. We must Mentor them in a never ending growing walk with Christ, and to do that, they must see that in us.

  3. Glenita Roberts March 13, 2014 at 6:30 pm

    Genesis 1:28 says “Then God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and multiply.” I have always thought this just meant to have children. Beth Moore brought this into a different light in a book that I’ve been reading. Each of us, parent or not, have a responsibility to help multiply the Christian faith in the next generation. God places those younger, in age and spiritual maturity in our lives. When that happens, we become “spiritual parents” and have “spiritutal children”. That title made me look at my role at Bellevue in a whole new light.

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