Five Things That Happen When You Experience God’s Greatness

February 17, 2014 — 2 Comments

The great need of our day is for a soul shaking experience of God’s Holy Greatness.  Without this we will never experience thorough revival, nor the sweeping movement of a Spiritual Awakening.  In a previous post, “The Power of Living In Awe of God I argued that without a soul shaking faith in the Greatness of God people cannot not fully experience conviction of sin, nor the overwhelming grace of God’s saving love.

Awesome God

Awesome God

In this blog I will identify what happens to us when we open our spiritual eyes to God’s holiness and power.  Isaiah is our example.  In Isaiah 6, he encountered God’s holy transcendence.  It changed him.  It made him realize his brokenness before God’s greatness.

Let’s look at what happens to you when you open your life to God’s Awe-Producing Greatness…

  1. You recognize that God is all-together separate and above man.  Isaiah says, “I saw the Lord…high and exalted.” (Isaiah 6:1)  Angelic beings called seraphs hovered over God, calling out in thunderous voices, “Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty.” (Isaiah 6:3)  Isaiah saw God was above him in every way.  This is so important for us.  If we see God as too familiar, our limited view of God blinds us to the greatness of God.  How sad and empty is our life when it’s not filled with a power greater than our own.
  2. You recognize that God is absolutely, immeasurably, and infinitely all-powerful.  Isaiah heard the angelic beings refer to the Lord as “Almighty.”  He has all power.  When you experience the Holy power of God, you boldly believe that God can do anything to advance His kingdom through you.  Can we share our faith with our friends?  Can we take the gospel to every home in our community?  Can we pray and see God answer our prayers for our nation and world?  Of course this is possible.  Why?  Because God is “Almighty.”  Our boldness in the work of God is directly linked to our belief in the greatness of God.
  3. You recognize that the evidence of God’s sovereign majesty is everywhere.  If you really allow your life to be open to the absolute sovereign greatness of God, you begin to experience his power everywhere.  The seraphs proclaimed, “the whole earth is full of his glory.”  O’ that we would encounter God’s otherness so profoundly and recognize continually God’s activity that is always at work around us.
  4. You are overwhelmed so completely that all other loyalties are shaken away, leaving God to be the prime value in your life.  The Bible says, the “doorposts and thresholds shook.” (Isaiah 6:4)  After this, it was difficult for him to find any reason to not be utterly devoted to the One True God.  Believers in our day are so divided between the pleasures of this life and the pursuit of God.  We need to experience God with such force that we can no longer imagine not devoting ourselves to him.
  5. Conviction of sin is so strong that repentance is the only hope for relief and accepting God’s mercy and forgiveness through the atoning sacrifice of Christ becomes irresistible.  The prophet cries out “Woe to me!”…”I am a man of unclean lips.”  (Isaiah 6:5)  When he sees God’s holiness, it was impossible for him not to face his own sinfulness.  We need this!  The people of God cannot move forward when we are shackled to sin we have become blind to.  It was only after Isaiah saw his sin that he was ready for God’s mercy and saving grace.  After Isaiah’s confession, God took a “live coal” from the atoning sacrifice and touched Isaiah’s lips declaring, “your guilt is taken away.” (Isaiah 6:7)


Let us pray that God will open our minds to more fully experience his awesome greatness.

Question:  What is it in our lives that prevent us from experiencing the holiness of God?  You can leave a comment by clicking here..

Greg Faulls


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  1. I cant seem to fine the post The Power of Living in Awe of God. Where can I find it?
    Never mind I found it! I am send these to my son in prison.

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